There was a moment in my life where I was sobbing on the bathroom floor of a summer rental condo feeling hopeless, totally over it, and wondering if there was a point to literally anything in my life…I had felt “done” before, but this was probably the biggest pivot point when I knew things must change.

I reached out to a “Peak Performance Coach” for what I thought would just be help & clarity for my orchestra career stuff, and what he assigned me opened me WIDE up to begin reading/learning/searching/finding/craving/seeking greater & greater balance in my life…in everything seen & unseen. Consciously becoming more and more aware that what I eat, how I exercise & treat my body, and what I pay attention to mentally/emotionally/spiritually are ALL connected, literally changed and saved my life…across the board in every way.

The indescribable transformations in my life that have continued to blow my mind, span everything from improved energy levels, way more balanced mood, clear skin, ideal weight for my body, no more constant bloating, healthy digestive system, etc…and honestly, an internal sense of balance, peace, and self-value that I never knew was actually attainable for me.

By increasing my awareness and consciously eating, exercising, and communicating with my intuition more & more on purpose, my life has completely changed for the better…from my overall health, to my weight, to my skin, to my moods, to my inner sense of balance, peace, ease, & calm – and it can do the same for you!

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1:1 Health Coaching Programs

During these 3 or 6 Month 1:1 Health Coaching Programs you will have my full attention and a safe space to talk about ALL of your health & nutrition questions, concerns, goals, wishes, & desires. Together we will explore, and play with attainable little action steps that will lead you to achieving your weight, exercise, & overall health goals. Simultaneously we will work to discover and transform your internal mental and emotional limiting beliefs, discomforts, and any areas you seek to feel more grace, ease, & peace.

In these individualized, completely personalized programs, we will walk together side-by-side, step by step to create transformations in both your outer & inner worlds, and put you on the path toward your ideal health.

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Food Talk

It’s like having private food lesson. We spend 60 minutes together on a 1:1 call talking about:

~ what you regularly eat

~ where you might experiment with adding or shifting certain foods in your day

answering any questions you have about food in general and in relation to your personal breakfasts, lunches, dinners, & snacks!

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Intuitive Talk

I created these Intuitive Talks as an individual, personalized 1:1 call where you don’t have to commit to an entire Health Coaching program or package.

Our call helps you bring more peace into your life, it helps you with your stress levels, and with your feelings of overwhelm.

…and it’s only 30 min long…

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40 Day Reset Group

By the end of the 40 days you will have:

~ a new, healthier, life/mood/body-balancing way of eating…often results in some natural weight loss

~ fun, super tasty, easy recipes & cooking methods

~ clear, simple fitness exercises that take very little time & make a noticeable difference, both in your days, and for your physical, mental, & emotional states of being

~ powerful mindset, meditation, & breath work practices that add the missing layers of calm, clarity, and balance to every day

~ a deeper, real sense of self-love that grows with overall life balance

~ you will have put yourself on the path toward your ideal health by having created more of a balance between your personal health, your work, & your life, and you’ll understand how to start living every day more & more on purpose.

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Little Life Changes

Fun, individual mini sessions to gently shift & brighten your life, one change at a time.

** All Little Life Changes are INCLUDED with all 1:1 Health Coaching Programs **

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Personal Fitness Training

Come work out with me!

I’m an AFAA Certified Personal Trainer who has trained a wide variety of fitness levels from octogenarian to ironman.

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